2G DSM Girdled Rear Diff Cover

These girdled diff covers are where Frontline Fabrication started. After fabricating hundreds of them out of welded steel, we finally graduated to CNC milling capabilities and these are the result. Today, there are girdled diff covers on most all of the quickest and fastest DSM's in the country with a nearly flawless track record for preventing failures. We're proud to say that these diff covers have gone as fast as 8.12 on Boostin' Performance's Red Demon, with numerous 1.2x 60 foots.

For those that aren't familiar, these diff covers utilize two swivel-foot load bolts that put pretension on the bearing caps to eliminate deflection. This keeps the ring and pinion running true and helps tremendously to prevent failures. On 2G's, you have the added benefit of never having to worry about grenading your flimsy stock diff cover. We mimicked the stock baffling on the inside and added a nice -10AN ORB port for the fill plug for a leak-free seal.

  • Machined 6061 Aluminum Construction
  • Stock style baffling
  • 1/2-13 Swivel-Foot Load Bolts
  • -10AN Fill Plug
  • Includes 12.9 Hardware

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