Evo 4-9 Valve Cover V2


***Please contact me before placing an order for one of these to check lead time/status. A redesign to implement full internal baffling was made along with an exterior refresh. A 'V2' of sorts. Coupled with an extended machine downtime, this has lead to an extended lead time. A small price increase was also made to account for the updates along with material price increases.***

***Material prices continue to rise. Unfortunately, the price must increase, at least temporarily, on the larger parts to cover the costs.***

We’re very proud of our valve covers here at Frontline Fabrication, and this new Evo valve cover is no exception. The main body of this beauty is machined from a 54lb piece of 6061 aluminum. The timing cover piece is removable via two fasteners on the top. To top things off, it includes two internally baffled -10AN ORB ports for crankcase ventilation and a -20AN ORB oil cap. Stock style ignition compatibility is retained and the stock plug cover will work with slight trimming. We would definitely recommend the matching plug cover or COP plate for the cleanest install. Anodizing will also be available on a per order basis. I could banter on and on about these things, but I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

  • Machined 6061 Aluminum Construction
  • Removable Timing Cover
  • -20AN ORB Fill Cap
  • -10AN ORB Baffled Breather Ports

* Spark Plug Cover sold separately.




Please note... If product is not listed as in stock, there may be a lead time of up to 8 weeks. Please contact via email with any questions regarding lead times on specific products. As we are a small operation, it is tough to keep everything in stock, and we typically only run a batch of something if there are a few backorders placed. With that being, said, we do try our best to run extras, and intend to stock everything as soon as capacity allows. Thanks for everyone's understanding and patience!