DSM T-Case Brace


Following in the footsteps of the diff covers, the DSM transfer case braces add some much needed structure to the DSM transfer cases. Starting at the front, it replaces the entire front cover/bearing race with a much more substantial piece. Headed towards the back, it attaches to all of the threaded bosses down the case, culminating in a tail housing clamp to tie everything together. We don’t guarantee that this will help against stock output shaft failure as it is truly designed to keep the front gears together, but we have numerous customers with 8 and 9 second cars running bone stock t-cases. An added bonus is that if your output shaft does fail, the brace does a very nice job of containing the failure, limiting the amount of collateral damage that is sustained. These are available for both the 5spd and automatic transfer cases and come with new 12.9 hardware.

  • Machined 6061 Aluminum Construction
  • Bearing fit bored to +/- .0001″ tolerances
  • Includes Grade 12.9 hardware
  • Will clear 4″ downpipes if appropriately routed

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