4G63 Ball Bearing Gerotor Oil Pump


NOTE: Oil filter housing no longer included. See description for details on what's recommended.

It's no secret that the factory oil pump is basically the Achilles heel of the 4g63 powerplant. We've set out to create an affordable, convenient, and effective solution to the failure-fraught stock oil pump.

We started by throwing away the current external gear pump design for a much more suitable gerotor setup. Gerotor pumps have been proven time and time again in motorsport so there was no need to reinvent the wheel here. We designed a rotor set that would fit within the space constraints of the factory pump location, yet still flow up to 50% more than the factory pump. Along with this, we included replaceable wear surfaces inside the housing. In the event of a catastrophe, the pump is fully rebuildable with small, affordable parts.

After that part of the issue was solved, we needed to attack the problematic support design for the stock gears. The oil film that the stock gears ride on is all well and good until you throw side loading and oil cavitation into the mix. This is where the main issue lies with the OEM pump. Most people that have built a 4g63 can remember the first time they had to pound the oil pump drive gear out of their front case with a 5lb sledge. You can do all the gear detailing, careful assembly lubrication, and dainty timing belt tensioning that you want to, truth of the matter is that you still have a ticking time bomb on your hands. To solve this, the shaft of our gerotor pump is supported by ball bearings located on either side of the shaft. In addition to the obvious advantages of this design, it also blocks off the oil feed to the oil pump which just so happens to come directly off the oil passage for the #1 main journal. More oil at the mains can never be a bad thing.

The last problem we needed to address was pressure. We decided the best way to go about this would be with an adjustable pressure regulator. This will be housed in a remote filter housing that can be located anywhere your heart desires. The filter housing will be fed directly by the pump via a -10AN line. The bypass regulator will send excess oil back to the inlet of the pump via a -10AN line, while the regulated and filtered oil will head back to the factory feed location via another -10AN line. The remote housing will have plenty of NPT ports for whatever needs you may have. Notice how we said that the bypass oil will be headed back to the inlet of the pump. This is another major departure from the factory design which routes the oil back into the pan. With the bypass oil feeding the inlet of the pump, the cavitation (not to be confused with aeration) threshold of the rotor set is significantly raised. This leads to a smoother running pump with a greater lifespan. The other added benefit is that the pump will use the slightly pressurized return oil before it will pick up from the pan. This will keep more oil in reserve in the pan.

All in all, we feel we have created a simple, well-packaged solution to a serious problem. We're hoping we have come up with a solution that can be enjoyed by daily drivers, "street cars", and full out races car alike. We think the results speak for themselves!

-Full machined 6061 aluminum front case with replaceable wear surfaces

-4140PH rotor set and shaft

-Abec 5 precision ball bearings

-Machined aluminum timing gear

-Filter housing/pressure regulator NO LONGER INCLUDED. Aviaid remote filter housing (PN 010-40110) with built in regulator is recommended, but separate remote oil filter housing and pressure regulator will also work. When ordering Aviaid housing, request lowest pressure spring and mention use with Frontline Fab oil pump. Instructions will still reflect use of the Aviaid housing.  Wix 51069/51069R or equivalent filter recommended for Aviaid housing.

-Available in 6 bolt DSM, 7 bolt DSM/Evo 1-3, and Evo 4-9 fitment.


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